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Tree & Shrub Planting and Pruning

We can turn a wild growing tree or bush into a piece of art!

Professional gardening services

When it comes to horticulture and shrub trimming, our customers will support us in saying that we can turn a wild growing tree or bush into a piece of art. We take time to give each plant the proper appearance and to make sure it is trimmed back in a healthy manner at the right time of year.  Most of our pruning work is done with a pair of hand clippers to ensure a natural look and prevent any new blooms from being cut off.

Why is shrub trimming necessary?

  • Proper upkeep of trees, hedges and bushes complements a great looking lawn.
  • Pruning and trimming of trees and plants must be done with care to ensure that they thrive and that vital branches are not cut.
  • In most cases the best time to prune trees is mid spring and late summer.
  • Improve curb appeal

Bush and Hedge Trimming

To keep your bushes and shrubs looking their best we will use a powered or a hand held hedge trimmer depending on the requirements of the job. With a steady hand our professional staff can create healthy and attractive centerpieces in the landscape that compliments the beauty of your home. Trimming hedges and small bushes is essential in promoting their optimal health because it allows them to receive maximum sunlight and water


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