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Year-Round Property Services

Landscape Services that take your ideas from concept to implementation…

C.K.C. Landscaping takes pride in providing cost-effective implementation of your landscape plans or architectural designs. We service both private and public sector clients. Our dedicated professionals are committed to working with like-minded clients who seek challenges to create innovative and sustainable designs.

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Does Your Thumb Look More Brown Than Green?

Would you like a winding path of boxwood hedges that leads to a backyard hideaway? Or draw attention to your storefront with colorful flowers? C.K.C. Landscaping will give the surroundings at your home or business a fresh, new look.

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Time is a funny thing. Time can develop the most beautiful gardens or it can wreak havoc on what was once a carefully planned landscape. Overgrown plants, multiplying perennials, encroaching weeds and blurred garden edges can create a cacophony of chaos. A situation which begs to be soothed and tends to lower property values. C.K.C. Landscaping can either reclaim an overgrown garden and bring back your inner peace. Or remove the chaos and work with you to design, install and maintain a beautiful new garden.

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We can turn a wild growing tree or bush into a piece of art!

When it comes to horticulture and shrub trimming, our customers will support us in saying that “we can turn a wild growing tree or bush into a piece of art”. We take time to give each plant the proper appearance and to make sure it is trimmed back in a healthy manner at the right time of year.  Most of our pruning work is done with a pair of hand clippers to ensure a natural look and prevent any new blooms from being cut off.

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Mulching and Edging

After a long winter season, most C.K.C. Landscaping customers prefer a fresh coat of mulch in the spring. Mulching doesn’t just improve the appearance of the landscape It also serves several important purposes. Mulch does a great job of cutting down on weeds and preventing plants from drying out by retaining moisture. In addition it helps to moderate soil temperature. We use a high quality natural, double-shredded mulch but can accommodate any type or color of mulch desired.

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Compost and Brush Removal

Let us help you keep the communities where we live and work beautiful and sustainable.

We at C.K.C. Landscaping are fully committed to keeping the communities where we work and live beautiful and sustainable. We’ll gladly remove of your brush, recycling and composting efforts be it from backyard gardens, commercial rain gardens or highway restoration projects.

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Year-Round Parking Lot Sweeping

C.K.C. offers comprehensive commercial property maintenance services to our customers. We have a dedicated, professional team ready to meet your sweeping needs year-round. With Locations in South Portland and Gorham, we provide customers throughout greater Portland with the perfect solution to all their parking lot sweeping needs. From emergency sweeping to regularly scheduled service, our professional staff can custom tailor a service plan to fit your sweeping needs and budget.

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Re-Leveling Dirt Driveways and Extending Parking Lots

Do you have a dirt or gravel driveway, road, or parking lot that is being overrun by potholes and ruts? Are you looking for an economical and effective way to repair or extend your driveway or parking lot? We can help protect your property’s value and curb appeal. C.K.C. Landscaping can recycle, restore, expand, level and grade, any unpaved driveway or parking lot.  

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Plowing & Snow Removal, Salt & Sanding Services

Planning ahead for snow removal is critical for ensuring a fast response. When the snow starts blanketing your property, you can count on us for prompt, efficient snow removal and de-icing services. Servicing commercial properties, condominium complexes, restaurants, specialty stores and residential properties, C.K.C. Landscaping does it all.

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Don’t Let A Faulty Drainage System Drain Your Curb Appeal

Save the hours you spend watering your yard with a drainage system from C.K.C. Landscaping. Since 1989, we’ve offered home and business owners comprehensive landscaping assistance.

Our landscapers have the skills to repair existing drains and install a completely new system. After putting your irrigation or drainage system in place, we’ll put everything back so your yard doesn’t look destroyed.

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Utility Line Trenching

C.K.C. is the best choice for your underground utility line & trenching in the Portland Maine area. We are locally owned and operated and have been providing grading and trenching services all over southern Maine. We have completed tons of successful jobs, and everyone on our team has years of experience and can work on electric, gas, cable, telephone, water, sewer, and septic lines.

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Excavation At Construction Sites

C.K.C. is an experienced partner when it comes to excavating at construction sites. It understands centerline and excavation drawings. It knows how to set out a plan on the ground, excavate the soil, and remove the excess. We realize the importance of quality checks such as recording ground level and the marking of reference points. 

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What Our Customers Say

I would highly recommend him...

"Kenny of CKC landscaping was helpful and friendly every step of the way when handling my lawn and garden needs. He was very quick with quotes and helped explain everything along the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone with lawn care , garden, or maintenance needs.?!"

- Dr. Vance

Finally! I've found one that is reputable.

"I've used half a dozen lawn care and irrigation companies and finally I've found one that is reputable, responsive, and keeps their word. C.K.C. is a 1st class operation!"

- Tommy Burns


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